A magical Wizard's Brunch event is happening in Vancouver later this year

Apr 5 2023, 10:08 pm

Have you ever wished you could sit down to brunch at a long table in an environment fit for a wizard?

A unique dining experience delivering just that is set to come to Vancouver soon, brought to us by the same folks behind Karen’s Diner and the Beauty and the Beast Cocktail Experience.

Wizard’s Brunch is a one-day-only event that will transform a secret space in Vancouver into a spellbinding wizard’s hall and combine immersive entertainment with magical-themed brunch food.

The event is set to take place during several set times on September 16, 2023, and will invite guests to “learn spells, drink magic potions and eat foods set for a wizard,” according to the event page.

wizard's brunch

Wizard’s Brunch/Explore Hidden Website

And while this event may sound eerily similar to your favourite childhood classic tale about a particular wizard school, the organizers are quick to point out that it is not in any way related to “any properties or brands owned by Warner Brothers” and that this Wizard’s Brunch is for “all lovers of fantasy, magic and science fiction.”

The Wizard’s Brunch event is currently on tour internationally, and each city’s version will be a little different in terms of the environment, decor, and food, but one thing is certain across the board: dressing up is definitely encouraged.

Tickets are on sale now, but only limited time slots are available, so don’t wait.

Wizard’s Brunch

When: September 16, 2023
Where: Secret location
Tickets: From $99 per person – use code DAILYHIVE10 for 10% off your ticket

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