Via Pasta: New Chinatown restaurant makes fresh pasta for takeout only

Jul 15 2022, 8:45 pm

There’s not much we love more than really good handmade pasta, and while lots of Vancouver restaurants do make their own, few of them do it solely as a takeout option.

Via Pasta is a new takeout only concept in Chinatown that specializes in pasta made by hand right in-house.

Take a peek in the window and you might even be able to catch the pasta being made.

Grab takeout tubs of pasta in varieties like amatriciana (with smoked bacon, tomato sauce, and black pepper), creamy rosa, bolognese, chicken alfredo, or cheesy (with three different types of cheese).

You also have the option to customize your pasta with toppings like chili flakes, crispy onions, or Kalamata olives, as well as grab garlic bread or bruschetta as a side.

Via Pasta also offers cute little cups of tiramisu and panna cotta (with a vegan option) to take with you.

Sounds like the perfect park picnic to us.

Via Pasta

Address: 208 Keefer Street, Vancouver
Phone: 604-605-2594


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