Vanmak: Korean rice wine shop opening location in downtown Vancouver

Apr 20 2023, 10:00 pm

A brand new spot for Korean-style rice wine is set to open in downtown Vancouver this week.

Vanmak, which operates a location of its Lee Bros Winery project in Surrey, makes its own Makjeolli – a Korean-style rice wine with a milky appearance.

Located at 82 Keefer Place, near the T&T Supermarket at Keefer and Abbot, this spot will officially soft open on Friday, April 21.

Vanmak and Lee Bros Winery, established in 2003, already has a cult following of fans throughout Vancouver and the Lower Mainland with its original rice wine and several other creative takes on the alcoholic beverage.

Made with locally sourced ingredients, full of probiotics, and completely handcrafted on-site, Vanmak’s rice wine is truly unique within the Vancouver beverage scene.

In addition to its original rice wine (available in one-litre and four-litre bottles), the Makjeolli offerings at Vanmak include Citron (with a touch of citrus flavour), Green Grape, Chestnut, and Strawberry, a slightly sweeter, pink take on the Korean beverage.

Vanmak also makes a Premium Takju (a version without any sweetness), Cheonju Sake, and Soju and sells the traditional rice wine cups in which the drink is typically served.

In addition to its first Vancouver location opening, Vanmak has also just unveiled a new brand identity, signalling a new chapter for the 20-year brand.

Between Friday and Sunday, Vanmak will offer takeout-only options during its soft launch and will operate between 3 pm and 9 pm.

Vanmak – Downtown Vancouver

Address: 82 Keefer Place, Vancouver


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