Lone wolf: 10 fun things to do solo in or around Vancouver

Aug 11 2021, 10:44 pm

Vancouver is a city full of almost too much to do, and if you pride yourself on being independent, or are just sick of your pals, good news: there’s lots to do by yourself.

Of course, you could stay in, Netflix and chill, or play some video games, but venturing out on your own can be a liberating and rewarding experience.

Travelling alone actually benefits your health and helps you become more self-reliant and independent. Why shouldn’t that apply within the city you live in?

Here are some things to do in Vancouver that are perfect for a day out all by yourself.

Vancouver Art Gallery

While the Vancouver Art Gallery is a popular destination, it doesn’t mean it’s not a worthwhile one.

Whatever the main exhibit is, the VAG always has something worth checking out, including regularly featured pieces by Indigenous and local artists.

You won’t get into disagreements with friends about what the artist was trying to convey. You can just appreciate the happy little trees.

Address: 750 Hornby Street, Vancouver

Bill Reid Gallery


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The Bill Reid Gallery has a focus on Indigenous art of the Northwest Coast.

Artist Bill Reid, after whom the gallery was named, was a prominent Indigenous artist and broadcaster from Victoria, BC.

The gallery offers opportunities for emerging Indigenous artists to showcase their work.

Address: 639 Hornby Street, Vancouver

Take a walk through the city

It should come as no surprise to most locals that Vancouver is one of the most walkable cities in North America, ranking #4 on walkscore.com, and #1 in Canada, only being beat out by Boston, San Francisco, and New York in 2020.

Depending on your walking speed, you can get from South Vancouver to Downtown in about an hour and a half.

That may seem like a long time on paper, but because there will be so much to see along the way, it won’t feel that long at all.

Not to mention the numerous health benefits, both physical and mental, that walking provides.

The Burnaby Village Museum


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Have you ever wanted to step into a time machine and go back 100 years? No?


Well, in case you change your mind, the Burnaby Village Museum is an exquisite piece of Lower Mainland history that transports you back to Burnaby’s roots, with a focus on the 1920s.

They also have a really cool vintage carousel that’s over 100 years old that you can actually ride. It’s one of North America’s fastest carousels too.

Just across the street from the museum is the gorgeous Deer Lake Park, which is another great solo spot.

Address: 6501 Deer Lake Avenue, Burnaby

All of the parks!

Speaking of parks, this could’ve easily been specifically about Stanley Park, Queen Elizabeth Park, or Jericho Beach, but that would’ve made this list way less interesting.

Just go to one of the 240+ parks that Vancouver has to offer, ideally a larger one that gives you the ability to stroll around and explore.

Catoro Cafe

This place may not work for you if you left your house to escape your cats.

Catoro Cafe opened just before the pandemic shut down the party. But they’re back, and they’re doing their best to keep you safe with COVID-19 protocols and appointments to separate flocking cat lovers.

So, if you want to escape humans, the cats at Catoro can surely appreciate your anti-social sentiments.

Address: 666 East Broadway, Vancouver

Granville Island


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Granville Island is a true Vancouver treasure. With so much to see, do, and buy, there’s no reason you need any company to help you have a good time here.

Granville Island incorporates a stunning blend of fashion, art, entertainment and, of course, food to tantalize every one of your senses.

The Seawall

Whether you’ve got a bike, roller skates, a wheelchair, or just your two feet, the seawall is the perfect spot for solo exploration or relaxation.

You’ll be soothed by the calming sounds of the water as you roam around one of Vancouver’s most popular attractions.

They even have some sweet, brand-new vessels.

SeaBus adventure


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You don’t need to worry about the stress of booking a ferry to experience a fun little adventure out on the water.

Think of the SeaBus as your own personal adventure cruise, with the destination being the stunning Lonsdale Quay.

The Capilano Suspension Bridge

Another gem, and one of the best suspension bridges Canada has to offer, there’s a lot more to do here than just walk across the iconic adrenaline rush-fuelling bridge.

There’s also the Cliffwalk, which might still make you a little nervous if you’re not a fan of heights, but it’s wobbly like the bridge is.

Address: 3735 Capilano Road, North Vancouver

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