Vancouver restaurant manager fired for refusing service to customer wearing Trump hat

Jun 30 2018, 2:02 am

A Vancouver restaurant manager has been fired for refusing to serve a customer wearing a Trump sloganed “Make America Great Again” (MAGA) hat at The Teahouse in Stanley Park.

The red MAGA hats became a symbol of support for US President Donald Trump during his 2016 presidential campaign.

However, many Trump critics associate the hats with racism and bigotry.

Sequoia Company of Restaurants owns The Teahouse and told Daily Hive that they do “not support intolerance of any kind.”

“It is because of these principles that we cannot discriminate against someone based on their support for the current administration in the United States or any other bona fide political party,” said Sequoia in a statement.

The management company said the employee in question “is a good person with a big heart who has the right to his personal beliefs.”

However, Sequoia notes that the manager was expected to abide by and promote the company’s philosophy of “tolerance and respect” when representing the restaurant.

“Like all our restaurants, The Teahouse has no political, ethnic or other bias and is committed to welcoming all visitors to Vancouver and treating all our customers with respect.”

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