'Justin, what’s your problem, Justin?': Trump mocks Trudeau in rambling attack (VIDEO)

Jun 26 2018, 8:09 pm

Another day, another Donald Trump jab at Canada.

This time from a campaign rally in South Carolina, where the US President continued his onslaught against NAFTA, Trudeau, and Canadian tariffs.

“NAFTA is a disaster,” Trump stated, just before the 40-minute mark of the rally.

“Canada. You know, Canada: nice guy, nice guy. Prime minister. Justin. I said, ‘Justin, what’s your problem, Justin?’,” said the President, as the crowd laughed.

“So: Canada. O Canada. I love their national anthem. O Canada. I like ours better, however. So. No, Canada’s great, I love Canada.”

Trump briefly mentions the G7 Summit, which took place in Quebec two weeks ago, and for which he made headlines because of his parting words. The President, who left the G7 Summit early to go to Singapore for his meeting with Kim Jong Un, called Trudeau “very dishonest and weak.”

But that wasn’t the case at the rally on Monday night.

The US President said that everyone left the Summit happy.

“We hugged, we kissed, everybody was happy,” he said. “I made some changes in this ridiculous thing that everybody agreed to sign… It was meaningless but I made some changes.”

Then, Trump boasts about the technology and budget on Air Force One.

“I get onto Air Force One. And he doesn’t understand that Air Force One has 22 televisions. So I come on — they have televisions in closets, they have televisions in areas that no place has — unlimited budget, Air Force One, right,” he said to the crowd.

“So I get onto the plane and I see Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada, saying, ‘Canada will not be bullied by the United States.’ I said, ‘What are we doing here? The fact is that Canada has a 275% tariff on dairy products.’ Little thing called dairy product. Their lumber is a disaster with us.”

Further, Trump continued saying, that “energy is a disaster,” although did not explain what he meant by that statement.

However, Trump continued to say he loves Canada.

“I see Justin said, ‘We fought World War I together, we fought World War II together.’ That’s true. We love Canada. But Canada’s charging almost 300% tariff on dairy products and many other things,” Trump said. “I said, look, if you want to do that, we’re going to put a little tariff on your cars.”

During the rally, Trump called the tariffs “a barrier,” and said he wants the barrier taken down.

“It’s all going to work out, remember this,” he said. “It’s all going to work out.”

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