Huge jackpot for Vancouver radio station's "Guess the SFX" contest (AUDIO)

May 11 2023, 6:38 pm

A Vancouver radio station contest has been running since March 31, and there’s still no winner in sight… or sound.

Z95.3 has been running the ZFX “Guess the Sound – Win the Cash!” contest since the end of March, and although the Vancouver radio station has received many guesses, no one has nailed it.

The current jackpot is a staggering $47,500, surpassing last year’s prize of $44,000.

Since the contest began, over 80 people have guessed noises, with none being accurate.

On May 4, the jackpot hit $40,000.

Each time someone guesses incorrectly, the jackpot increases by $500.

This year’s previous contest ended up with a jackpot of $28,000, with the winning sound being someone breaking apart a head of lettuce.

Multiple people have guessed that it’s a microwave door being closed, and numerous people have been wrong.

What do you think the sound is?

Some of the other guesses include a three-hole puncher, opening a mailbox, a safe door closing, or an oddly specific “pulling the handle on a wildlife-proof garbage.”

Press play to listen:

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