Vancouver radio host loses job, embarks on wild Canadian road trip to Halifax (PHOTOS)

Apr 6 2023, 5:38 pm

A Vancouver radio host lost his job and wound up travelling to Halifax, and so far, the highlights include both the journey AND the destination.

Jeremy Baker has hosted at stations like The Zone in Victoria, CFOX in Vancouver, and most recently, The Peak 102.7, also in Vancouver.

Baker spoke to Daily Hive about his journey and what he has learned about Canada in his travels.

Before deciding to embark on the journey to Canada’s East Coast, Baker said he tried to see what opportunities were available in Vancouver.

“I kicked the tires around Vancouver for a broadcasting gig, but there wasn’t anything too exciting or stable at the time for me,” he said.

Before the trip, Baker says he was “sitting around” in Coquitlam, BC, while being a stay-at-home dad. Then, he got a random text from a number he didn’t recognize that asked if he’d consider moving to Halifax. He said no initially, but the opportunity seemed too good to pass up.

On his way to one of the most Eastern points in Canada that one can drive to before cruising into the water, Baker learned a lot about this country and the US. He also tweeted that the trip to Halifax solidified a dream for him.

Following his travels, Baker reflected, “Every town in the US has a Subway, McDonalds, and then another Subway and every small town in Canada has a Subway, McDonalds, but then an A&W and/or Tims.”

He also said that his drive out east was “wild.”

“Turns out spring is only a concept in Southwest BC,” Baker said.

“Rest of Canada and [the] northern US is very much still hanging on to winter.”

He shared some of his insights on specific parts of Canada with Daily Hive.

“Ottawa was very clean and lovely. Montreal is obviously a neat, world-class giant vibrant city. Quebec, in general, is a special place. And New Brunswick and Nova Scotia are like a postcard. Beautiful and 100% as advertised.”

He also had some poutine, because when in Rome.

Baker added that it was a smooth trip, aside from getting lost in New Brunswick.

“I was a little too trusting with Google Maps. They wanted to take me off the freeway and onto some rural industrial unmaintained road to ‘save a few minutes,” Baker recalled.

“I regret that.”

What about Halifax?

“I was skeptical, but it turns out the 10,000 people who told me Halifax is fun were right. Town goes hard in the best ways.”

In Halifax, Baker is filling in for someone on medical leave at Surge 105, an active rock station.

While he made the trip alone, his family will thankfully join him this summer.

“These next three months have been and will be challenging, especially for my partner and oldest, who will be holding down the home.”

Baker’s story proves that sometimes when life gives you lemons, you must head to Halifax.

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