Vancouver South Asian man's missing posters replaced with racist stickers (PHOTO)

May 10 2023, 5:16 pm

Some posters of a missing South Asian man in Vancouver have been taken down and replaced with white supremacist stickers, according to witnesses.

Daily Hive has been covering the story of Irshaad Ikbal, a 36-year-old man who went missing in late April after separating from his friends.

Vancouver police say the file is active and ongoing, but the story has taken a turn.

According to witness accounts, which include photographs, a man in a military-style jacket was seen tearing down Ikbal’s missing posters in Vancouver, which were put up by his friends and family members in a show of support during a rally last weekend.

We were also informed that many posters downtown were destroyed or removed after over 3,000 were distributed during the rally.

Photos of the incident were shared with Daily Hive.


According to a witness who was walking the seawall by Olympic Village, a man tore down  the posters and replaced them with a white supremacist tag that said “Whitey.” There was also a link to a White Lives Matter website.

“When he noticed me staring hard at him, he turned around and walked away.”

The witness said he acted suspiciously and had two young kids with him, so they avoided a confrontation.

In response to this incident, the Vancouver Police Department said it is disappointing to hear that someone may be removing posters people put up in the neighbourhood.

“We continue to ask anyone who has information about Irshaad’s disappearance to contact us.”

Ikbal has been missing since April 29, and the family has since announced a $20,000 reward to find him.

“So many of our community members, family, and friends gathered today to help us search for Irsh. We are so grateful for each and every single person who came out to support us,” said a cousin of Ikbal’s, who considers him like an older brother.

Another family member said, “We will not stop until he is found.”

The family is encouraging the public to send tips to the VPD at 604-717-3321 or through the independent tip line at 604-704-4643. Tips can also be sent to [email protected].

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