Astronomically high gas prices shatter records in Vancouver this weekend (PHOTOS)

Mar 6 2022, 7:45 pm

You’ve never seen gas prices rise this high before.

On February 26, Daily Hive Urbanized reported that the price of regular gas was observed just north of 180 cents per litre at Metro Vancouver gas stations.

It was a simpler time. Today, on Sunday, March 6, we had to do a double-take as we saw advertised gas prices of 209.9 cents per litre.

Looking at the cost of gas in the last month is a wild ride. Average gas prices in Vancouver are significantly higher than the Canadian average.

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Gas Buddy

Gas prices in Vancouver have been rising fast since 2021. Back in December 2021, gas prices were around 153 per litre on average. Then, they jumped to 170 per litre on average after BC scrapped its provincial gas restriction order.

Russia is the second-largest oil producer in the world and most countries – including Canada – have imposed heavy sanctions against them since they invaded Ukraine. Now, economic, market, and geopolitical realities are playing out at the pump for British Columbians.

Since it’s never been so expensive to fill up in Vancouver, it’s the perfect time to find a carpool friend, fill up your Compass card, or stretch your legs.

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