11 places in Vancouver that make you feel like you're in Gotham City

Mar 4 2022, 10:17 pm

As movie lovers flock to the cinemas to watch The Batman, we’re seeing our hometown with fresh eyes.

In many ways, Vancouver is already Gotham City because it’s where the CW films shows like Batwoman.

Although the fictional Gotham City is said to be modelled on Chicago and New York City, there are times when Vancouver looks the part.

Here are 11 places in Vancouver that every Batman fan should see at least once when they come to the city:

Brandywine Falls

If you always imagined the Batcave hidden behind a waterfall, then going out to Brandywine Falls could fulfil a Batman fantasy. Just be warned, it’s likely there’s no Batcave behind these falls.

Underneath the Vancouver Convention Centre

Ride your bike along the portside path that goes underneath the Vancouver Convention Centre, connecting to the seawall to Crab Park, across the tracks from Gastown. You’ll get the sense that you’re living in a megacity like Gotham.

Holy Rosary Cathedral


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Both inside and out, this Gothic-style cathedral is like nothing else in Vancouver and definitely feels like the location of a funeral straight out of Batman.

Front Street Mews in New Westminster

This hidden gem area doesn’t feel like you’re in Metro Vancouver at all. With heritage brick buildings on one side of the street and urban, industrial vibes on the other, this place definitely feels like you’re on the edge of Gotham City.

Vancouver Art Gallery


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Where else would Bruce Wayne attend a charity gala other than the Vancouver Art Gallery, which looks like it was plucked from the Gotham skyline?

Pepino’s Spaghetti House

The Falcone crime family might celebrate a special occasion together at this intimate pasta house.

Blood Alley in Gastown

Gastown is by far one of the most unique corners of Vancouver, but wander Blood Alley in the rain when you want to get as close to Gotham as you can.

Vancouver City Hall


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Built in 1936, City Hall’s unique mix of Art Deco and Moderne architecture gives it an other-wordly look that would be perfect for maybe the Gotham City Police department headquarters.

Mountain View Cemetary


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You can definitely imagine Bruce Wayne brooding here, in the city’s most beautiful graveyard, with an epic view of the city skyline.

Gotham Steakhouse & Bar


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Of course, Gotham is in the name of this restaurant. Perfect for special occasions, this bougie restaurant could be where Bruce Wayne takes a date who loves steak.

The Marine Building

One of the oldest buildings in the city, this breathtaking tower has an art-deco style that makes it feel like it’s where Gotham’s elite go to work.


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