Forecast fiasco: Vancouver could be either snowy or sunny on Monday

Feb 18 2022, 11:41 pm

Canadaā€™s leading weather networks disagree on the forecast for next week, but itā€™s possible snow is on the way.Ā 

The Weather Network says Metro Vancouver has a 30% chance of snow and/or rain on Monday, but Environment Canada has a bit of a different forecast.

Vancouver sun or snow Monday forecast

Environment Canada/Website

Vancouverites know what that tends to mean: Slush.

But then again, Environment Canada calls for sun, so the day could stay dry.Ā 

Either way, itā€™s smart to prepare for snow at the beginning of the week. Dress in layers, pack a pair of sunglasses, and hope for the best.Ā 

Both forecasters say temperatures will reach a high of 6Ā°C and a nighttime low of minus 4Ā°C on Monday.

In agreement, they anticipate rain on Saturday but sun on Sunday.Ā 

Some amateur meteorologists have taken to Twitter to warn Vancouver residents an arctic blast could be on its way, but this isnā€™t reflected in either Environment Canada or the Weather Networkā€™s predictions.

Thereā€™s a 40% chance itā€™ll snow on February 24 according to the Weather Network, although Environment Canada challenged them yet again by forecasting a sunny day.

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