Vancouver neighbourhoods if they were dog breeds

Mar 15 2022, 10:45 pm

It’s a doggy-dog world! Vancouver loves its pets so much – even if our landlords don’t – that we were inspired to find out which dog matches with each of Vancouver’s 22 main neighbourhoods.

Using information from the American Kennel Club on dog breeds, we matched the unique look and personality of every corner of Vancouver to a dog.

Arbutus Ridge – Giant Schnauzer


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Look at that regal moustache and those elegant eyebrows. This fancy-looking dog is actually a hard-working, alert companion who we can totally picture walking on the Arbutus Greenway.

Downtown – Papillon

Smart and sassy, these lapdogs embody downtown Vancouver. Plus, they’re a little bit unfriendly to new people. Sound like someplace you know?

Dunbar-Southlands – Brittany

Originally used as hunting dogs, if you’ve ever been to the Southlands – Vancouver’s quiet and exclusive rural neighbourhood filled with horses – then you’ll see how this dog fits the bill.

Fairview – Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Fairview is the Goldilocks of neighbourhoods. Not too loud, not too quiet, and connected easily to Downtown, Kits, Mount Pleasant, and more. So, the Goldilocks of dogs, the King Charles Cavalier Spaniel, is neither too small nor too big, active or chill– it just perfectly matches the vibe.

Grandview-Woodland – Schipperke

They may be small, but don’t underestimate the hearty schipperke. It has a double coat, making it practically weatherproof, and it’s up for any adventure.

Hastings-Sunrise – Bichon Frise


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Or, really, any tiny little white dog will suffice for the Hastings-Sunrise neighbourhood. Can’t you picture this dog waving a sign, selling its parking spot during the PNE?

Kensington-Cedar Cottage – Cairn Terrier


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Aka Toto from The Wizard of Oz, this wise-looking little companion is easy to get along with. Can’t you picture him pulling a little grocery cart behind him on Kingsway?

Kerrisdale – Dalmatian


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A classic Vancouver neighbourhood matches with an iconic dog, the Dalmatian. Its regal spots and gregariousness make it an ideal match.

Killarney – Old English Sheepdog

This herding dog is a gentle giant that walks almost like a bear. It’s super sweet with its family, which reminds us of the family-friendly pocket of Vancouver called Killarney.

Kitsilano – Italian Greyhound


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Active and high-maintenance, this sensitive little dog loves to curl up on the couch and loves to run with their instinct to pursue. Doesn’t that sound like the Lululemon-clad corner of Vancouver we call Kits?

Marpole – Standard Poodle


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Sensible, highly intelligent, and easy-going, poodles fit the vibe of Marpole, where people are generally more friendly and laid back than in other Vancouver neighbourhoods.

Mount Pleasant – Australian Shepherd

A cool neighbourhood deserves a cool dog who’s up for patio beers or frisbee in Dude Chilling Park anytime.

Oakridge – Pekingese

You won’t catch this dog running any marathons, but they will sit and look pretty and are good at forming strong, loyal bonds with those around them. Although Oakridge is undergoing a huge transformation right now, the neighbourhood’s character could change in the coming years.

Renfrew-Collingwood – Australian Cattle Dog

This pleasant neighbourhood matches with the Australian Cattle Dog – a strong, intelligent, and active dog that will get into trouble if it’s not challenged.

Riley Park – Border Collie

Friendly, sociable, and highly activethis dog matches up with Riley Park, a neighbourhood where you’ll find a ton of outdoor activities for getting exercise and making new friends.

Shaughnessy – Airedale Terrier

These adorable dogs have the faces of little English gentlemen and fit perfectly into one of the city’s oldest neighbourhoods.

South Cambie – French Bulldog

The keyword for this dog – and this neighbourhood – is adaptable. South Cambie has seen, and continues to see, incredible changes in the last 15 years, and no dog would be as chill about the drastic adaptations as the Frenchie.

Strathcona – Basenji


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At once alternative and classic, the cat-like Basenji fits in with historic Strathcona’s vibe. Plus, they don’t bark, which is just another unique quirk that fits with this East Vancouver neighbourhood.

Sunset – Basset Hound


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Chilled out vibes. Sometimes stubborn, this keg on four paws fits the slow South Vancouver neighbourhood of Sunset dead on.

Victoria-Fraserview – Pug

These pudgy little charmers are full of love and fit well with a big, culturally diverse neighbourhood.

West End – Siberian Husky

Showy with a big personality and lots of vocalization, doesn’t the beautiful husky fit the West End’s loud and proud vibe while slaying on the seawall?

West Point Grey – Bouvier des Flandres

Giving understated elegance with a friendly face, this tall dog is just like West Point Grey, which peers over the rest of Vancouver.

Did we get your neighbourhood right? Let us know in the comments.

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