Thicc Boi: BC cougar hanging out near a daycare safely relocated (VIDEO)

Mar 4 2022, 7:56 pm

They might look like a cuddly cat, but you definitely don’t want to see a cougar like this outside a daycare.

Luckily, this impressive animal was safely relocated somewhere more appropriate for a cat of its size.

According to the BC Conservation Officer Service (BCCOS), officers were able to safely capture a cougar that was near the Nanaimo Regional General hospital in the morning on Thursday, March 3.

They tracked it using hounds and found the cat in a parking lot outside a nearby daycare.

Now, they’ve since been relocated to a wilderness area far from the city.

According to BCCOS, the cat was tranquilized and then assessed in consultation with wildlife biologists with the Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations, and Rural Development.

Officers also posted a video of the animal being released.

“There was no conflict history or reports of aggressive behaviour associated with this cougar and the decision was made to relocate the animal,” said BCCOS.

“The healthy male cougar may have wandered further into town in search of deer,” the department said.

If you see wildlife like cougars and bears in areas where they could come into conflict with humans like near schools and daycares during the day, then you can report it at the conservation service hotline at 1-877-952-RAPP (7277).

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