Vancouver Christmas Market 2021: All 40+ food and drink vendors to try

Nov 4 2021, 11:19 pm

One of the best parts of the holiday season is getting into the holiday spirit through different events around the city, and the Vancouver Christmas Market is definitely no exception.

With festive music, amazing German-style food and drinks, unique holiday vendors, and a beautiful Christmas carousel, this event is not one to miss.

You will find everything from traditional German Glühwein, to mini puffed pancakes, gulasch, and so much more, creating an unforgettable visit.

Here are 42 food and drink vendors coming to the Vancouver Christmas Market in 2021.

Da Bomb Goodies


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Da Bomb Goodies have epic Hot Chocolate Bombs that are hand-crafted and made using sustainable ingredients. Some of the flavours they sell are Pumpkin Spice, Strawberries and Cream, and Salted Caramel, making a treat perfect for the winter.

Das Fish Haus

This market favourite offers European delicacies such as Ukrainian Borscht, which is a beet soup, and Fischbrötchen, which is a sandwich made with fish, fresh white or dried onions, pickles, remoulade, creamy horseradish sauce, and ketchup or cocktail sauce, commonly eaten in Northern Germany.



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This family-owned business makes ginger- and turmeric-based elixirs for body and soul nourishment. It is crafted using only fresh and organic, local ingredients to support the community and your well-being.


German Stollen is a traditional bread eaten during Christmas. It is a fruit bread made with nuts, spices, and dried/candied fruits, coated with powdered sugar and filled with marzipan. Interestingly, the recipe is based on a recipe by the former pastry chef for the King of Sweden.

Wayward Distillery Craft Spirits

Wayward is a craft distillery located in Comox Valley that makes premium spirits using honey and grains. They donate 1% of their liquor sales to Pollinator Partnership Canada, which is a charity dedicated to ecosystem conservation.

Continental Brat Haus

Continental Brat Haus is an artisan deli based out of Surrey. They sell high-quality German-style sausage, sourcing their meat from local farmers in the Fraser Valley.

Slow Bottled Sunday

Slow Bottled Sunday makes sauce condiments using local, fresh ingredients. They use peak-ripened fruits from local farmers to create rich-tasting condiments. Right now they have two flavours: Savory Plum and Cherry Barbecue.

JJ’s Roasted Chestnuts

JJ’s Roasted Chestnuts brings must-try European-style roasted chestnuts right to Vancouver. They are the perfect snack for a cold winter day.

Barista Brothers Espresso Bar & Coffee Catering

Barista Brothers Espresso Bar is a mobile espresso bar and catering company that comes straight to you. At the market, they’ll be offering a wide variety of beverages such as Hot Chocolate, Latte, Cappuccino, Coffee Mocha, Hot Cider and more.

Squid Feast

Squid Feast sells a Taiwanese-style fried squid that many have come to love over the last several years. It is a family recipe that has been a staple part of the Richmond Night Market for over a decade, and will now be at the Vancouver Christmas Market for the first time.

Perfectly Nuts


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This family-owned business sells a variety of sweet and savoury nuts that are the perfect addition to the holiday season. They sell walnuts, cashews, almonds, pistachios and pecans in multiple flavours like cinnamon glaze, garlic pepper and lime saffron.

Traditional Spanish Churros

These Spanish churros are satisfyingly crunchy and sweet, perfect for dipping in coffee, hot chocolate or eggnog. At the market this year, you’ll find their churros coated with white or dark chocolate, along with a brand new chocolate dip.

Mulling Spice Haus

Mulling Spice Haus sells handcrafted, gourmet mulling spice pouches to help you make beverages like Glühwein (mulled wine), hot rum toddies and hot apple cider right at home.


Breadymix is exactly what you think it is — ready-to-make German bread mix! All you have to do is add water and bake. This bread is low-carb yet filling, and also happens to be KETO certified.

THOSE Pretzels


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THOSE Pretzels are a Floer family secret recipe that comes out each holiday season to spread joy amongst friends and families alike. They are small, crunchy pretzels that are perfect for indulging.

Damiani Fine Foods

Damiani Fine Foods is a family-owned and operated wholesale distribution company specializing in Italian food products. The company’s products are hand-made, non-GMO, organic, and preservative-free.

Vancouver Flurer Smokery

This company describes itself as a private Aboriginal-owned and -operated venture that sells fresh and smoked seafood products. Their products are all-natural, using premium-grade seafood, brown sugar, and salt, with no use of chemicals, dyes, or preservatives.

I Love Chocolate

Chocolate and fruit in a sugar cone. Need I say more?

Taste the Wild

Taste The Wild is one of Canada’s leading wild mushroom companies, and they bring wild mushrooms such as Chanterelle, Morel, Porcini, Pine and many others, directly from the forests of North America, straight to your table.

Mr. Hotcakes


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Mr. Hotcakes’ makes drool-worthy, syrup-filled pancakes, topped with fluffy whipped cream and drizzled with maple syrup.

Glühwein at the Christmas Pyramid

You can sip on traditional hot-spiced mulled wine at this Christmas Pyramid, where you’ll also find a variety of other traditional German drinks, including non-alcoholic drinks that are kid-friendly.

Turkey Haus

Turkey Haus serves German-style juicy and tender Turkey drumsticks that are coated in various glazes and flavours. All of the meat is locally sourced, non-GMO, grain-fed, and antibiotic-free.

Das Lángos Haus

Lángos is a popular Hungarian street food. It is a deep-fried flatbread, served with either sweet and savoury toppings, such as garlic spread, sour cream, grated cheese, bacon bits, jam, chocolate spread, and more.

Two Sweet Elves

Two Sweet Elves serves the Netherland snack of poffertjes, which are small puffed pancakes, croffle, which is a croissant and waffle dessert from Ireland, and also Affogato, which is an Italian dessert beverage with espresso and ice cream.

Di Oliva Tasting Bar

Di Oliva Tasting Bar has over 50 kinds of all-natural, extra virgin, premium olive oils from around the world. They will also have natural balsamic vinegar imported straight from Italy.

Crescent Hill Winery


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Crescent Hill Winery is an award-winning boutique winery, focused on minimal intervention wines and sustainability.

Pearls Perogies

Pearl’s Perogies make authentic home-style perogies using only the freshest local ingredients such as BC-grown potatoes, real cheddar cheese, fresh cottage cheese, and nitrate-free bacon.

Mukasi Coffee Roasters


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Mukasi Coffee Roasters is a coffee roasting company based in Abbotsford. Mukasi roasts their gourmet coffees fresh-to-order in small batches for the best quality and taste.

Charcuterie Haus

Created by Spruce Goose, Charcuterie Haus uses only the finest pork, sea salt, and seasonal flavourings for their charcuterie. You can choose your seasoning from espelette pepper, Provencal herb, garlic, truffle or peppercorn.

Haxen Haus

Haxen Haus sells Schweinshaxe, which is a large pork shank roasted on a special rotisserie until it’s crispy on the outside and tender on the inside.

Bavarian Beer Haus

This German beer house sells high-quality Bavarian beer. They recommend you try their Erdinger, a traditional beer that stays true to its original recipe.

Das Schnitzel Haus

Das Schnitzel Haus sells schnitzel with a German twist! Schnitzel is a dish that uses a thin, tenderized, boneless meat cutlet that is breaded in flour, egg and breadcrumbs, and then deep-fried. Then, it’s topped with a mushroom sauce for some extra German flavour.

Howling Moon Craft Cider

Located near Oliver, Howling Moon Craft Cider sells gluten-free, hard apple ciders made with love. They use a blend of fresh-pressed dessert and heritage variety apples that are locally grown and sourced from farmers in the Okanagan Valley.

Das Gulasch Haus

Das Gulasch Haus has got to be one of the best spots at the market. They sell a wholesome stew made with braised BC beef, potatoes, and Hungarian paprika, served in a bread bowl, with vegan options available.

Das Apfel Haus

Das Apfel Haus features traditional German apple drinks and candied apples, sure to transport your tastebuds all the way to Germany.

Cheese Me Raclette

Cheese Me Raclette brings a slice of Switzerland all the way to Vancouver. Raclette is a melted cheese that is poured atop various veggies, meat and other goodies.

Das Kartoffelhaus Hurricane Potatoes

These hurricane potatoes are great for snacking as you wander the market, and you can choose from a variety of mouth-watering toppings to flavour your crispy, crunchy, spiralled treat.

Mr. Pretzels

This pretzel franchise originated in Puerto Rico in 1994, and has since expanded to over 300 countries, selling its famous, soft, chewy pretzels. They use only the finest-quality, natural ingredients.

Bon Macaron Patisserie

Vibrant, colourful, tasty macarons. They are a rich and decadent treat that is also light and enjoyable. These macarons are gluten-free, and dairy-free flavours are always available.

Transylvanian Chimney Cakes

These festive treats are spiral-shaped, with a sweet flaky dough that’s coated with sugar while roasting on a spit. They are perfectly crunchy on the outside, and soft and fluffy on the inside.

Zotter Chocolates

Chocolates are a Zotter family specialty, and are 100% organic. Zotter Chocolates offer over 400 flavours and pride themselves on being a socially responsible company.

Sonnentor Tea

Sonnentor tea originated in Austria, and offers organic tea in a variety of flavours, which are perfect to help keep you warm during the winter.

The Vancouver Christmas Market

When: November 13 – December 24, 2021
Where: Jack Poole Plaza — 1055 Canada Place, Vancouver
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