Vancouver's free-spirited "Barge on the beach" serving some epic memes

Nov 17 2021, 12:09 am

One of the more bizarre things to come of the BC storm this week was the stray, unmoored barge that found itself washed up on along Sunset Beach in Vancouver.

Now the barge has multiple Twitter accounts, but one seems to be pulling ahead of the other in terms of popularity.

One of them is also hoping to become the next mayor of Vancouver, although the odds of that seem unlikely.

The two Twitter accounts in question are @BargeBay and @EnglishBayBarge, but they both claim to be the English Bay Barge.

@BargeBay currently has 31 followers, while @EnglishBayBarge has over 500 followers.

@EnglishBayBarge has been particularly sassy.

Their profile reads, “I will not be controlled. Free-spirited barge.” They’ve also gotten slightly political.

Meanwhile, @BargeBay has been a little more quiet and hasn’t tweeted as much.

Could the barge be the new hip Vancouver spot? Only time will tell.

On Monday night, the barge forced the closure of the Burrard Street Bridge due to fears that it would come loose and collide with it.

The barge has offered some much-needed levity in a very stressful time for many British Columbians.

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