From Dildo to Climax, these are the most unique town names in Canada

Jun 30 2022, 6:50 pm

Canada is a country that prides itself on the diversity of its people, but we also have a diverse set of names for the places we live.

Some of the names have a rich history behind them. Some others might also have that history, but we don’t know it, so we just guess.

And some are so out there that there is no way an explanation would help.

From the innuendo to the animal names, from the strange to some that you’ll never forget. Here are 20 of the most unique names you’ll find for towns across Canada.

  1. Vulcan, Alberta
  2. Dildo, Newfoundland
  3. Come by Chance, Newfoundland
  4. Medicine Hat, Alberta
  5. Punkydoodles Corners, Ontario
  6. Witless Bay, Newfoundland
  7. Forget, Saskatchewan
  8. Balls Creek, Nova Scotia
  9. Balls Falls, Ontario
  10. Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia
  11. Sober Island, Nova Scotia
  12. Stoner, British Columbia
  13. Lower Economy, Nova Scotia
  14. Upper Economy, Nova Scotia
  15. Big Beaver, Saskatchewan
  16. Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan
  17. Saint-Louis-du-ha!-ha, Quebec (yes, the exclamation mark is in there, no, there is no explanation for it)
  18. Climax, Saskatchewan
  19. Flin Flon, Manitoba
  20. Balzac, Alberta
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