6 of the wildest, most unique pizzas you can get in Vancouver

Jan 12 2023, 8:07 pm

Give us a classic pepperoni or margherita pizza any day of the week and we’re happy.

Sometimes though, our curiosity – and pursuit of culinary innovation – gets the better of us and we go looking for weirdo pizzas – the ones with oddball toppings, strange flavour combinations, or the pies done in styles less commonly found here in Vancouver.

The unique pizzas of the world deserve some time in the spotlight too, after all.

From vegan pies with spicy cauliflower to ones with actual gold on top, these are the wildest pies we’ve seen slinging in the city.

Detroit-style from Hightop Pizza


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Located inside Port Moody’s Rewind Beer Co, Hightop is a nostalgic trip back to a 1990s mall food court. The pizza kitchen serves Detroit-style pizzas in vegan and carnivore varieties, with toppings like garlic confit, chorizo and corn, walnut pesto, and jalepeño. Its options regularly rotate, so you never know what you’re gonna get.

Address: 2809 Murray Street, Port Moody
Phone: 236-466-0226


Stranger Wings from Virtuous Pie


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There are many things that make Virtuous Pie unique, one of the main things being that they are entirely vegan. Aside from the restaurant’s plant-based pledge, Virtuous Pie also consistently pushes the boundaries of what can be put on a pizza. Offerings include the Ultraviolet (with pesto, kale, and caramelized onion jam), Stranger Wings (with spicy buffalo cauliflower), and the Pie-Rogi (with herbed potato cream, roasted potato, and cashew dijon sour cream).

Address: 583 Main Street, Vancouver
Phone: 604-620-0060


The Detroit Red Top from AJ’s Brooklyn Pizza Joint

AJ’s Brooklyn Pizza Joint really knows what it’s doing when it comes to stellar pies, proven by how long the wait times are nearly every day of the week. One particular pie that stands out is this spot’s Detroit Red Top, which has an inch-thick square crust and is pan-baked with crispy cheese around the top and sides. Once it comes out of the oven, it’s finished with red sauce and Grana Padano – perfection.

Address: 325 East Broadway, Vancouver
Phone: 604-428-5805


24 “Carrot” Gold Pizza from Gastronomy


Hanna McLean/Daily Hive

Gastronomy may have only just opened its doors, but we’re already nominating its 24 Carrot Gold Pizza for one of Vancouver’s most unique. This vegetarian pizza features carrot puree, pickled carrot, fior di latte, basil pesto, and – get this – actual gold leaf. Honourable mentions from this spot include its Wen Lambo? pie, which is topped with lobster, caviar, preserved lemon cream, fried capers, and an herb salad.

Address: 62 East Cordova, Vancouver


Sushi Pizza from Kozu Sushi Pizza


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Okay okay, so this one’s a bit of an abomination, but we did say we were looking for unique pies. Kozu Sushi Pizza does just what it says it does – sushi dishes in the shape of a pizza. These unique pies feature a round of crispy rice topped with everything from scallop to nori to crab to cream cheese. Kozu is only available for pickup or delivery.

Address: Pickup or delivery


The Hawaiian from Strathcona Beer Company

Putting aside the argument about whether or not pineapple belongs on a pizza (it does), Strathcona’s version of the Hawaiian is an unhinged experiment in sweet, spicy, and savoury flavours coexisting all at once. This pie features the usual suspects (red sauce, fior di latte, capicola, and pineapple) as well as the addition of jalepeño cream, Padano, and pistachios.

Address: 895 East Hastings Street, Vancouver
Phone: 778-379-9050


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