Two iconic Playland rides are being forced into retirement (PHOTOS)

Jun 9 2022, 7:03 pm

As Playland at the PNE gets ready to open next weekend, two iconic rides are being forced into retirement.

Both the Crazy Beach Party and the Music Express will no longer be part of Playland’s suite of attractions.

The two rides were fan favourites for many years. Crazy Beach Party was a relatively recent addition compared to the Music Express which has been around for much longer.

Both rides are being removed and recycled.

“Do you wanna go faster?”


If you’ve ever ridden on the Music Express, you would have likely been asked the question, “Do you wanna go faster?”

Ride operators could control the speed of the ride, starting off at a slower speed before cranking it up forcing one person on a seat of three to be squished against the side rail. Make no mistake; it would hurt, but it was just kind of part of the charm of the ride. Fans would lovingly refer to the ride as simply “the music ride.”


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Ride operators would also have the privilege of playing their own music CDs.

What are music CDs you ask? Don’t worry about it.

According to Coasterpedia, the Music Express was operating since 1981 or earlier. The ride is going to make way for the brand new Skybender which you can read about here.

Crazy Beach Party


Opened in 2004, the German-manufactured Crazy Beach Party was an instant hit at Playland.

If you’ve never experienced the Crazy Beach Party, it was sort of like a spinning version of the pirate ship. It would sway back and forth, but also spin; basically a nightmare for people prone to nausea. It was one of the most popular rides at Playland, always prone to long lineups.

The retirement of these two classic attractions will be a huge facelift for Playland, particularly for ride enthusiasts who’ve been visiting since the ’90s and early 2000s.

Playland is set to open next weekend and you can get your tickets here.

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