TTC buses and streetcars are getting totally stuck in the snow (VIDEO)

Jan 17 2022, 4:26 pm

Toronto got absolutely smothered by a thick blanket of snow early Monday morning, and TTC vehicles do not appear to be faring too well, with dozens of streetcars and buses stuck across the city.

The road conditions have caused widespread delays and cancellations as transit drivers are unable to navigate their usual routes.

If you haven’t ventured outside today to see the chaos first-hand (don’t worry, it’s for the best), plenty of Torontonians have shared jaw-dropping photos and videos on social media of the mess that is the TTC right now.

King Street appears to be one of the most affected routes right now, with streetcars backed up all along the road and shuttle buses running in their place.

But other routes — especially bus routes — appear to have multiple vehicles stuck on the roadway.

Be safe out there today in Toronto. Just outside Queen and Dufferin 11 buses stranded. #snowronto #Toronto #ttc

Even the Wheel-Trans vans couldn’t escape the inevitably bad winter driving conditions.

City plows are currently working away on the roads, trying to clear them of snow so that transit services can begin to resume as normal — or as normal as it can be after a massive blizzard.

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