TransLink announces numerous changes as part of its spring schedule

Apr 17 2018, 6:12 am

With the change from winter to spring, TransLink has announced a few changes to some of its transit routes as well.

The company says the changes, which take effect on April 23, include “service improvements as part of the 10-Year Vision funding,” as well as seasonal adjustments to respond to changes in customer travel patterns such as end-of-term for post-secondary students.

As part of this service change, three routes will see permanent frequency increases during busy times on weekends, which are meant to reduce overall wait times:

229 Lonsdale Quay/Lynn Valley

The 229 will depart every 20 minutes, from 1 pm to 8 pm on Saturdays. This is a change from its previous schedule of departures every 30 minutes. From 9 pm to midnight, departures will take place every half hour – an increase from the current departure schedule of every hour.

On Sundays, buses will run every 20 minutes, from 2 pm to 8 pm, and every 30 minutes from 9 pm to 12 am.

403 Bridgeport Station/Three Road

On Sundays, the 403 will run every 15 minutes, from 2 pm to 7 pm. Currently, the bus runs every 30 minutes during that time slot.

From 7 pm to 8 pm, the bus will run every 15 minutes, an increase in service from its current 20-minute time slot.

337 Fraser Heights/Guildford/Surrey Centre (between Guildford and Fraser Heights)

The new Saturday schedule for the 337 will see departures every 15 minutes, from 7 am to 9 am. This is an increase in service from the current departure schedule of every 30 minutes.

On Sundays, buses will depart every 15 minutes from 8 am to 10 am.

There will also be seasonal changes to several routes as demand for trips to post-secondary institutions decreases and demand for trips to ferry terminals, beaches and other tourist destinations increases, said TransLink.

Routes affected by seasonal changes include: 9, 19 25, 28, 41, 42, 43, 84, 125, 150, 130, 145, 236, 480 and 620.

Sections renamed

In an effort to help make route navigation easier, TransLink announced it is also renaming some of its routes.

129 Patterson Station/Holdom Station route will become the 129 Patterson Station/Holdom Station and 133 Edmonds Station/Holdom Station

The C18/C20 routes will become the 68 UBC Exchange/Lower Mall and 70 UBC Exchange/Wesbrook Mall

“C” being phased out

Finally, TransLink said, plans are in the works to start phasing out the letter “C” from the names of its Community Shuttle Routes.

In its decision to do so, TransLink said that for many years, “the letter indicated a route was only served with smaller Community Shuttle buses.”

Today, however, the company said it “can better serve our customers by operating different sizes of buses interchangeably, depending on demand.”

These route-number changes, it added, “are being rolled out over several service changes.”

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