Just a drill: SeaBus surrounded by helicopter and boats for safety test (VIDEO)

Mar 2 2023, 9:27 pm

After a dry run last week, TransLink is taking part in an annual security drill involving the SeaBus today.

A Vancouver local sent Daily Hive some puzzling photos of a SeaBus seemingly stranded in the middle of the water last week. The good news is that whatever was going on was just a test for today’s drill, even though the scene looked like something serious was happening.

There is no bad news.

In a statement from TransLink, a spokesperson explained what was going on.

“This is a dry run for the annual security drill, as per Transport Canada’s regulatory compliance, that will be conducted on Thursday, March 9,” the TransLink spokesperson said.

The Daily Hive reader who submitted the photos said there was a helicopter hovering around, a bunch of boats, and that “they haven’t moved for half an hour.”

Geoff Dittrich

seabus vancouver

Geoff Dittrich

The yearly training exercise ensures that SeaBus staff are trained to keep customers safe who use the vessel to travel to and from North Vancouver.

According to the spokesperson, no one is onboard the SeaBus vessel while the drill is conducted.

seabus vancouver

Geoff Dittrich

Last week’s dry run started at 10 am and carried through until around 1:30 pm.

Geoff Dittrich

“The RCMP’s Lower Mainland District Emergency Response Team is also involved.”

If you see weird things involving the SeaBus today rest assured, it’s most likely just part of the drill.

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