Tim Hortons just brought back the walnut crunch but people aren't sure they want to eat it

Jun 2 2023, 3:00 pm

A pair of legendary discontinued Tim Hortons items returned to the iconic coffee and donut chain this week to celebrate National Donut Day on June 2, but one of them is generating buzz for all the wrong reasons.

The walnut crunch and cherry stick donuts are back on Tim Hortons’ menu for a limited time, and based on social media reaction, it appears the masses were incredibly excited to get their hands on these retro flavours.

However, several purchasers of the walnut crunch donut have taken to the internet to comment on the snack’s unappetizing visual similarity to a big ole’ log of crap.

Whether it’s photos of the item itself or its representation on menus, many have acknowledged the walnut crunch donut looks more like food headed on the way out than on the way in.

That being said, those who are able to get over the baked good’s amorphous, brown, and questionably-textured appearance report that the walnut crunch is actually pretty tasty — a point I am willing to corroborate from my personal experience eating one yesterday.

Others disagree with this judgement, and have hurled all sorts of insults at the brand for a failed resurrection of an old favourite.

Another Timmies customer called the donut an “abomination,” and later followed up in a second tweet that customers should “Keep your expectations low!”

The walnut crunch and cherry stick donuts had been unavailable for at least the last decade before the much-hyped return this month.

But even back in the early 2010s, when they last appeared at Tims, the walnut crunch was noted for its resemblance to a freshly-laid dump.

You can find the walnut crunch at Timmies locations across Canada and at participating Tims restaurants in Quebec, while the cherry stick is offered at all Tims in Quebec and participating restaurants elsewhere in the country.

It is easily distinguished from a real turd by its presence on a Tim Hortons baked goods rack, rather than a sidewalk or toilet bowl.

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