8 discontinued Tim Hortons items we miss ordering

Jun 13 2024, 9:00 pm

Earlier this year, we saw Tim Hortons bring back four retro donuts and it got us thinking… what are some other discontinued menu items we miss the most?

A Reddit thread posted to r/TimHortons also had a similar idea, asking people what menu items they think Tim Hortons should bring back.

What’s are some menu items that Tim Hortons should bring back?
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If Tim Hortons is able to add pizza to its menus, then it surely should be able to bring back these fan favourites.

Here are eight discontinued Tim Hortons items we miss the most that we really hope come back someday.

Grilled cheese

Yes, you read that right, Tim Hortons discontinued its grilled cheese, and many people were upset at the change.

“The GRILLED CHEESE,” said one Reddit user. “I really liked the grilled cheese since I’m vegetarian and it’s one of the few options I had other than bagels in a pinch for something quick that doesn’t have any meat. Yes, I know they have a veggie sandwich and the new flatbread has a cheese one, but sometimes, you feel like a trash grilled cheese instead of making it at home.”

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Bread bowls

Maybe people don’t miss this one that much because shortly after it was hyped up and introduced to menus, it was quietly removed for lack of popularity. It might be because it was an impractical way to eat something on a lunch break or in your lap in the car, but don’t you wish it was still available? Clearly some do, since many people posted on Reddit declaring their love for these bread bowls.

“Man, I used to get this once a week as a teenage stoner with my bestie. We always got the chili one. It was amazing and decently priced too!” said one user.

Pretzel bagel

The pretzel bagel combined with that butter and mustard spread was on a whole other level. Sweet, salty, and all kinds of delicious. Credit also goes to the pretzel bagel BLT. This one popped up many times in the Reddit thread.

The Dutchie

As it was one of only two donuts available at Tim Hortons when it first opened, the Dutchie is the definition of a retro classic. The Dutchie is a sugar-glazed, yeast-lifted square donut containing raisins. It saw a return when Tim Hortons brought back its retro donuts, but we wish it would have been added to the permanent menu.

“All those chewy caramelized raisins, nestled in that soft pillowy dough, smothered in ooey gooey sugar…” reminisced one Reddit user.

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Blueberry bagel

We know, right? It seems like such an obvious and much-loved menu item that Tim Hortons would never dare to take it away from us. But… it’s gone. Tims needs to bring this one back, at least for a limited time, because we as a country need to experience it once again. But do we really need to say anything more than this one Reddit user who said “BLUEBERRY BAGELS!!! YESSSSSS!!!”

English Toffee

Sure, there are still drinks on the menu like French Vanilla, but people still really miss the candy-like taste of the English Toffee.

“I don’t know why but it was better than the French vanilla to me,” said one Reddit user.

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Walnut Crunch

Another retro donut that popped up many times was the Walnut Crunch, which saw a brief return with other retro donuts. The Walnut Crunch is a log-shaped, sugar-glazed, walnut-filled donut with a soft chocolatey texture and was all kinds of delicious.

One person said that the Walnut Crunch “should be permanent,” and we couldn’t agree more.

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Extreme Italian sandwich

This zesty Italian sandwich often comes up as a sandwich people miss ordering for lunch. Topped with ham, capicola, genoa salami, pepperoni, mozzarella, and sundried tomato sauce on a parmesan and herbed-topped bun, it’s easy to see why this thing was a go-to choice.

Tim Hortons has said in the past it was one of the “top-selling sandwiches” on the menu, so it begs the question… why is it gone?

And many people on Reddit seem to think the same thing.

“Extreme Italian was by far the best sandwich Tim Hortons has ever had and it’s one of the best sandwiches I’ve ever tasted,” said one person.

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With files from Harry Linley, Hogan Short, and Marco Ovies

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