Tim Hortons teases the return of two much-loved retro donuts across Canada

Apr 11 2023, 5:17 pm

Tim Hortons is bringing back two much-loved donuts for a limited time to celebrate National Donut Day, June 2.

The popular chain will roll out two retro, nostalgic donut flavours at participating restaurants across Canada starting May 31.

“Tim Hortons guests are extremely passionate about our donuts – including the donuts from Tim’s history,” Tallis Voakes, director of culinary innovation at the multinational coffeehouse, said.

“We’re super excited to be bringing back two beloved treats that guests have been nostalgic about for years,” she added.

The brand has yet to reveal which retro donuts it will revive, but here are our best guesses.

The Dutchie

As it was one of only two donuts available at Tim Hortons when it first opened, the Dutchie is the definition of a retro classic. The Dutchie is a sugar-glazed, yeast-lifted square donut containing raisins.

Walnut Crunch

Another fan favourite and possible contender for the retro donut revival is the Walnut Crunch. The Walnut Crunch is a log-shaped, sugar-glazed, walnut-filled donut with a soft chocolatey texture.

Orange Twist

National Donut Day could also mark the long-awaited return of the Orange Twist, a sticky and zesty Canadian favourite.

Tim Hortons does still sell the Maple Cream Donut. However, it’s on the optional menu, so it’s unavailable in most stores. 

Let us know what donut you want to see back on the shelves.

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