Tegan and Sara talk about their favourite Vancouver restaurants

Oct 7 2022, 10:58 pm

Tegan and Sara, the iconic Canadian indie pop duo and best-selling music artists, have a new show coming out this month.

This show, High School,¬†is based on Tegan and Sara’s 2019 memoir which goes by the same name. It takes place in the 1990s in Calgary, where they both grew up. The show recently had a screening of the pilot episode at the Calgary International Film Festival, and both of them hit the red carpet beforehand.

Dished had the chance to speak with Tegan and Sara before the premiere.¬†The twin sisters were raised in Calgary, but currently live in Vancouver, and we couldn’t pass up the chance to talk to them about some of their favourite food spots in Vancouver.

“We live in Vancouver so I’m gonna shout out my favourite of all time,” Sara Quin told Dished on the red carpet. “Bao Bei.”

Bao Bei is a modern Chinese restaurant located on Keefer Street, known for sharing plates and incredible cocktails.

“[The] sister restaurant Kissa Tanto is probably my favourite,” Sara added. “I think Vancouver has a great food scene.”

Tegan Quin also had to mention another spot in Vancouver that they are both fans of.¬†“Old Bird!” ¬†she told us. “Great, great cocktails.”

Tegan recently went to a birthday party at a “dope” spot and had to shout it out as well, even though she couldn’t quite remember the name of it.

“I just was up in Whistler Blackcomb and I went to a place and I’m going to blank on it but they just won like top bars in Canada,” said Tegan.

“Tegan, you can’t say a thing you don’t know the name of,” Sara replied.

“Here’s why I can say it,” said Tegan. “You can just Google what are the top bars in Canada, in Blackcomb Whistler. It’s at a hotel. It was amazing.”

It’s possible this bar was somewhere like the¬†Mallard Lounge, Firerock Lounge, or The Raven Room, but we may never know for certain.


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We also couldn’t miss an opportunity to ask the duo what their favourite restaurant was in Calgary, especially with the new TV show coming out in less than two weeks.

“Our favourite spot in Calgary growing up and in adulthood was the Silver Inn,” said Tegan. “We were there last night for this huge dinner to kick off this High School promotion trip. They’re closing October 10, so sad.”

“We hope everybody goes out to Silver Inn and enjoy the food there,” she added.

Tegan and Sara even had some solid recommendations for the iconic Chinese restaurant and creator of Ginger Beef.

“Get the chicken broccoli and garlic and the ginger beef,” said Tegan. “They popularized ginger beef and the pan-fried pork dumplings.”

“I am so sad,” added Sara. “I actually have a kind of weird grief that I’ll never have the dumplings and the chicken and broccoli again.”

“This is a crazy story,” Sara continued. “In 1998, Theresa came over to our house and helped us make chicken and broccoli in our house. It didn’t quite taste the same. At home, it’s not like a restaurant kitchen.”

Sara even asked if the restaurant could just stay open, to which Tegan replied that the owners were retiring, selling the building and that it was over. It isn’t all sad news though. The singers spent three and a half months in YYC shooting High School and seemed to enjoy the restaurants and bars the city has to offer.

“I have to say I really like Calgary’s food scene,” said Sara. “I thought it was amazing. Everywhere you roll into it’s a chill scene. I liked it.”


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