These are the highest demanded food emojis from Canadians

Oct 3 2022, 7:24 pm

To put it simply, food emojis are fun to use.

From firing them over to friends when deciding on what to eat, or simply using them as euphemisms for something else entirely, there are plenty of them to choose from. There are fruits, vegetables, drinks, and even specific dishes, like noodle bowls and sushi.

Canadians have their favourites, but there are also still many that are not yet available.

Chefs Plate, after surveying more than 1,000 Canadian adults, recently revealed Canada’s most and least used food-related emojis, as well as the most desired new food-related emojis that Canadians want to see.

The five foodie-loving emojis Canadians use the most, in order, are birthday cake, eggplant, pizza, burger, and then avocado.

The five that are used the least, in descending order, are the salad, sushi, noodles, burrito, and then dumpling emoji.

The updated Emoji 15.0 was recently announced which means there will soon be a release of brand new emojis. The most used emoji is the laughing crying face, so maybe a new one will overtake it and take the top spot.

This Chef’s Plate survey revealed that Canadians would love to see emojis like cakes with adjustable colours, chowder, poutine, fajitas, smoothies, and different varieties of potatoes, such as baked, mashed, hash brown, etc.

There is also a hope to have other diets included in the emoji library.

“It is interesting to see Canadians desiring more vegan food emojis, as well as more diet-based food emojis such as vegan, vegetarian, plant-based, and pescatarian emojis being highlighted,” said a spokesperson for Chef’s Plate.

“Initiatives such as meat-free Monday and Veganuary could have something to do with this heightened interest, as well as these diets becoming more and more commonplace within our society.”

Having more Indian and African food choices is in the top three requested emojis Canadians hope to see. So what’s the number one most food-related emoji people hope to see? A greater variety of cheeses and pastries.

Stay tuned to discover exactly what new food emojis to expect next year.

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