Taylor Swift was NOT spotted at a Vancouver Cactus Club despite rumours

Jun 8 2023, 11:54 pm

Taylor Swift fans’ hearts might have beat a little bit faster upon hearing that she was recently in town on a date, but reality quickly set in once fans realized it was just a rumour.

This week, multiple entertainment outlets reported that Taylor Swift was allegedly spotted at a Vancouver restaurant with Punjabi superstar Diljit Dosanjh.


Screenshots of reports circulating rumours about Taylor Swift

But the reports were just that, reports, and there was no factual evidence suggesting that Taylor Swift was even in the province.

Daily Hive decided to take this opportunity to give a quick lesson in media literacy, and we’re breaking down all the red flags in this reporting:

Red Flag #1 ā€“ Cactus Club


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No shade to Cactus Club because you’ll definitely find us there at happy hour, but that’s generally not where the celebrities eat in Vancouver.

In her 2020 documentary Miss Americana, Swift revealed that she learned to do her own nails because she can’t really go out in public without getting photographed. If she had been at Cactus, wouldn’t we have dozens, perhaps hundreds of blurry photos and videos of it?

Red Flag #2 ā€“ All reports lead to the same source

The source of the rumours was Twitter user @PRiMETIMESNOOP_. This account has been at the centre of disinformation in the past. Recently, they posted an obviously fake report saying that Surrey Mayor Brenda Locke announced she had submitted a ā€œformal bidā€ to the NHL to relocate the Coyotes to her city.

The “report” even tricked a publication, the Western Standard, who published a story on the rumour.


The Twitter account @PRiMETIMESNOOP_ poses as a Media & News Company

As a general rule, take it with a grain of salt when you read reports, and check their sources. And consider whether an account on Twitter could be satirical.

Red Flag #3 ā€“ Taylor Swift is Taylor Swift


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The last red flag we’ll cover, this is Taylor Swift we’re talking about. Whether or not you’re a fan, you cannot deny she is one of the most powerful people on the planet.

Swift just wrapped up three consecutive shows in Chicago and is set to perform in Detriot next on her record-breaking, jam-packed Eras Tour. There’s simply no break for her to take a trip to Vancouver.

Still, Taylor Swift fans in Vancouver are still holding their breath for the Eras Tour to come to BC Place Stadium one day, especially following a recent announcement of additional international tour dates.

Of course, should Taylor Swift ever decide to order off the Cactus Club menu, we’d recommend that she order the tuna stack and lettuce wraps.

What do you think? Did you clock these rumours a mile away?

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