Tasty Time karaoke and Szechuan bar looks seriously road-trip worthy

Apr 29 2022, 10:22 pm

Now that it’s a little easier for Canadians to cross the border into the US, cooped-up Vancouverites are looking south of the border for new food and drink experiences.

We may have a few of our own karaoke spots here – a few too many, one might say – but there are few things that can cause excitement for another place quite like novelty.

Vancouverites are also notorious for driving down to Seattle for food that can’t be found here – the trip is just far enough that you’re getting a totally different experience while not being so far as to be unreasonable.

Tasty Time is a new karaoke bar and Szechuan restaurant in Bellevue, Washington – approximately a two-and-a-half-hour drive from Vancouver and a 20-ish-minute drive from Seattle, according to Google Maps.

For a different kind of karaoke experience than what you’ll get here in Vancouver, Tasty Time, which just opened up earlier this month, makes for a great reason for a road trip.

The karaoke bar has seven different rooms, all of them with different themes.

One is super luxe, with ornate couches, gold detailing, and Japan-inspired decor, while another features all black furniture and white deer heads mounted to the walls.

One of the rooms is all pink with giant black angel wings hung up above the couch; another features an entire wall covered in fake flowers and leaves.

As for the food, the bar serves dishes like smoked duck with honey sauce on a platter that looks like a vintage jewellery box. Its braised spare ribs are served on a little wooden platform, and you can also order dishes like spicy clams and braised pork belly bao to help soak up all that singing-courage-juice (aka alcohol).

The huge menu and themed rooms make this spot worth checking out if you’re planning a drive down south.

Tasty Time Karaoke

Address: 2217 140th Ave Northeast, Bellevue, Washington

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