This beauty line is bringing colour and creativity to all its products

Jul 21 2021, 10:19 pm

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Wanting to introduce a bit of glitter and colour to your makeup routine? SUVA Beauty has got you covered with its unique products.

Since the beginning, Shaina Azad, the owner of SUVA Beauty aimed to create a brand that represented both her cosmetic artistry and personal style.

Vancity has been supporting people in our communities since 1946, like local artists. As part of our Made in Vancouver series spotlighting local businesses, we talked to Shania Azad,  Founder and CEO of SUVA beauty about how she is pushing, redefining and reinventing traditional beauty products.

With its launch in 2015, SUVA Beauty introduced bright, bold and colourful neon cake liners to the world. SUVA Beauty is bold, colourful, imaginative, fun, and innovative.

You can find a range of products like their iconic Hydra Liner, eyeshadow palettes, brushes and more.

“The Hydra Liners and Hydra FX line now have a global cult following with SUVA being known as the disruptor in the neon graphic liner category,” said Azad.

Based in Surrey, the beauty line offers its cosmetics online — but ships internationally. They are also available at major retailers like Beauty Bay and Morphe.


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Her inspiration for the creative look came from “everything that the Fiji islands embody.”

Azad is Fijian and would often visit Suva, the capital city.

“The weather is always hot, the houses are made of colourful tin, and the community is infectiously happy and cheerful,” she said on the SUVA Beauty website.

Recently, SUVA beauty launched their “We Make Rainbows Jealous” series — with 6 UV Hydra FX.

This pallet is one of their most colourful and represents the colours of the rainbow, and embracing who you are.


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Not only are their beauty products creative, but SUVA Beauty is a woman and Muslim-owned business.

This shows that “women of colour, especially a Muslim, can run a successful and meaningful business,” said Azad.

Azad’s background is in TV/film as a professional makeup artist, which gave her hands-on experience to create products with intense pigmentation, ease of blend-ability and colour mixology.

On top of that, Azad is a mother of two and used her business are a stepping stone to both financially support her family, and launch her career.

“I’m a mother of two wonderful young boys. They often dress up as CEO of their own pretend business and it makes me so proud. It’s important for them to know that there are no limits to their potential.” Azad said. 

She said that people should believe in her brand because of the authenticity she brings to her products.

Additionally, she said her business would not be possible without “hard work, dedicated staff, and not being scared to stand for what [she] believe[s] in.”

Azad and her stellar team at SUVA Beauty are constantly coming out with new trends and great looks beyond typical beauty standards.

So, make sure to check out their website for more products to help add a bit of colour to your look.

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