Here’s how you could win a $100 voucher to spend on skincare products

Jun 30 2021, 8:07 am

In the age of a global pandemic, it’s easy to neglect your skincare routine.

But when we invest a little time and energy into caring for our skin, the benefits extend beyond a healthy glow; we get a boost of feel-good endorphins, too. All it takes is finding the right products for your skin type and carving out some ‘me time’ in your week.

If you need a reason to get started, let it be the anniversary special offers from Canadian skincare brand and purveyor of natural products, Bl’eau. From July 1 to 15, the brand is offering free sitewide shipping on all products, 30% off full-size clay masks, and 20% off travel-size clay masks and hydrate collection products — deals that also apply on Bl’eau’s Amazon store.

To further celebrate its anniversary, Bl’eau will be picking five individuals who place orders between July 1 to 15 and gifting them each a $100 coupon to use on future skincare products. Can you think of a better mid-summer treat?

Sensitive skincare bundle (Bl’eau)

In 2019, Bl’eau entered Canada’s beauty industry, bringing with it pure, vegan products unlike anything else in the market. A key differentiator of the brand is the fact that it uses only natural ingredients in its products, which are never tested on animals and always free from parabens and toxins.

Renowned for its collection of clay masks, made using Canadian glacial oceanic clay rich in over 60 minerals and elements, including iron, zinc, potassium, and magnesium, the masks are enriched by the flows of nature — through the ocean and glaciers — resulting in skin-nourishing benefits.

To access this natural beauty resource and subsequently the nutrient-rich glacial mineral water extracted from it — infused in its product lineup — Bl’eau uses a sustainable harvesting process. Beyond that, the brand mixes these elements with natural ingredients (think coconut oil, algae, and aloe vera) to produce products that treat and soothe the skin while detoxifying and rehydrating it.

Oily skincare bundle (Bl’eau)

If silky smooth skin is your end goal, it’s worth experimenting with Bl’eau products. Don’t worry; there’s no guesswork involved. Bl’eau has already done the work for customers by breaking down its product offerings into five different bundles geared towards specific skin concerns.

From now through July 15, the natural skincare brand is offering savings of up to 21% on select bundles (all of which contain full-sized products) during its Learn Your Layers campaign. All Bl’eau products are multifunctional, allowing you to mix and match if you’re getting into multi-masking, too.

Those with sensitive skin can opt for a bundle including a glacial oceanic clay mask, toner, and emulsion for $119. Or, if you suffer from dry skin, you can try Bl’eau’s dry skincare bundle, which features a clay mask, toner, emulsion, and cream for $149.

Dry skincare bundle (Bl’eau)

On the other hand, anyone with oily skin can save on a curated bundle, including the brand’s nourishing spirulina clay mask, toner, and emulsion — priced at $99. Meanwhile, those with combination skin concerns can go for the combination skincare bundle for $139. It includes a clay mask, toner, emulsion, and an illuminating seaweed mask.

Combination skincare bundle (Bl’eau)

Lastly, there’s the preventative skincare bundle, ideal for anyone who wants to take a proactive approach to their beauty ritual. This option costs $139 during the sale and features a revitalizing algae clay mask, a glacial oceanic clay mask, toner, and emulsion.

To make it better, Bl’eau’s anniversary promotion of 20% off is also applicable to its Learn Your Layers campaign, meaning customers can get double the discount on their purchases.

Preventative skincare bundle (Bl’eau)

Making a small change to your skincare routine can lead to lasting results. Plus, it comes with the benefit of having a regular self-care–inspired night at home — and we all deserve to give our skin that level of TLC.

For more information about Bl’eau and to discover the brand’s full range of products rich in skin-nourishing sea minerals, visit

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