'Homemade pipe bomb' found in Surrey man’s vehicle: RCMP

Nov 6 2019, 9:54 am

A man from Surrey was taken into custody on Tuesday morning after a “homemade pipe bomb” was found in his vehicle.

According to a police statement from Kelowna RCMP, an officer conducted a traffic stop at approximately 3:15 am, along Harvey Avenue near Ambrosi Street in Kelowna.

Cpl. Meghan Foster, Media Relations Officer for the Kelowna RCMP, says that the officer spotted “what appeared to be a homemade pipe bomb.”

“As a precaution, vehicular and pedestrian traffic in the area was diverted away from the man’s vehicle until police could appropriately consult with the RCMP Explosive Disposal Unit in Vancouver,” she says.

The suspect, a 38-year-old Surrey man, was also found to be a prohibited driver and was taken into custody without incident. The vehicle was taken to a safe location for RCMP EDU members to remove and dispose of the explosive.

The unnamed suspect is expected to make a court appearance this week.