Vancouver teacher reprimanded after threatening to sue student

Nov 5 2019, 4:02 pm

A Vancouver private school teacher that threatened to sue a student who filed an official complaint against him has now been reprimanded by the BC Teacher’s Regulation Branch for his actions.

According to a consent-resolution agreement, the incident took place earlier this year at Vancouver College, an all-boys private school in Vancouver’s Shaughnessy neighbourhood, where Dante Luciani was working as a Grade 11/12 teacher.

The situation began in January, when the student made a complaint to the commissioner under the BC Teachers Act “about the assessment method used by Luciani in the class.”

Luciani learned about the complaint in April, and at that point, “he had an ‘adult to adult’ conversation with the student,” the documents state.

And it was during this conversation that Luciani told the student they had gone too far “and that if the complaint negatively impacted Luciani’s employment, he would take legal action against the student.” Luciani also contacted the student’s mother to advise her of what his plans were.

In July of this year, the Commissioner proposed a consent resolution to Luciani, which he agreed to under the Teacher’s Act.

According to the documents, Luciani admitted that his actions “constitute professional misconduct.”

In determining the appropriate reprimand, the documents state that the Commissioner considered a number of factors, including the fact that “Luciani’s actions undermined the integrity of the professional regulatory process in the Teacher’s Act,” and that as a teacher, he “failed to act in the best interests of the student and put his own personal interest ahead of the student’s.”

The documents also state that with the consent resolution agreement process now complete, “no further action will be taken…with respect to the matters contained within this agreement.”

However, a breach by Luciani of any of the terms outlined in the agreement “may constitute professional misconduct which may be the subject of separate disciplinary proceedings.”