Superflux Beer Company has issued a recall for one of its cans of beer

May 3 2023, 10:24 pm

If you’ve got some of Superflux’s cans of Foundtainbier Orange Cream beer at home right now, you’re going to want to pay close attention.

The East Vancouver brewery announced this week that cans of this particular beer are re-fermenting, “despite our precautions.”

Depending on its storage conditions, the cans could “pop at the seam [the lid] of the can at any time.”

According to the brewery, testing of the beer has indicated the presence of wild, unintended yeast, which means that if they’re left outside of a refrigerator, at room temperature, there’s a good chance they’ll explode all over and result in a “sticky-messy-orange-beer-everywhere” situation.

Superflux notes that there is no health or safety threat involved, and if you drank it already then that’s totally fine. It also adds that if you have some in your fridge at home, to drink them immediately (as in today), but if you have some sitting out then you should open and dump them right away.

“They’re not going to taste like they should at that point anyway and they will likely pop at some point soon,” Superflux says.

If you’re one of the unlucky few who purchased the Foundtainbier Orange Cream from Superflux and as a result had to dump them (or worse, had them explode all over your kitchen), you’re encouraged to bring in a proof of purchase for a replacement or refund. The same goes for if you purchased them from a liquor store – bring your receipt or proof back to the store from which you purchased them.

“DO NOT PUT THIS BEER INTO YOUR WARM CAR TO BRING IT BACK. That’s not a good idea,” the brewery jokes – but all jokes aside, you probably shouldn’t do that.

Superflux says that draft versions of this beer appear to be unaffected, but it’s working closely with its partners to monitor the beer on a day-by-day basis.

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