Enjoy the sun while it lasts: "Rude spring awakening" on the way

Mar 22 2023, 6:54 pm

Vancouver has been treated to some seriously balmy spring weather this week, but that’s forecast to take a turn tomorrow when clouds will return and temperatures will fall back down to seasonal.

Environment and Climate Change Canada is predicting rain on Thursday and a high of 9Ā°C in Vancouver — three degrees cooler than the 12Ā°C high that’s expected today. The rain is forecast to hang around Friday before skies clear but temperatures stay below 10Ā°C for the weekend.

spring weather

Environment and Climate Change Canada

The Weather Network is calling the transition a “rude spring awakening,” and some higher-elevation areas of Metro Vancouver could even see snow Thursday.

snow metro van

The Weather Network

“After a sneak preview of mid-May weather on the weekend and through Wednesday, temperatures in BC are set to fall back to Earth, giving residents a false start to the season,” The Weather Network writes.

The coming weather does seem fantastic for those looking to extend their ski season though, The Weather Network says. We could see several more cool frontal systems through the end of March.

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