Here are your stock picks for the week: August 16, 2021

Aug 16 2021, 11:15 am

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How did the pandemic impact the retail industry? We’ll found out this week when giants like Target, Walmart, Home Depot, and Macy’s all step into the spotlight to reveal their second-quarter results.

In other happenings, EV pioneer Tesla is also set to reveal its AI Day event and more details will be unveiled regarding the ginormous $1 trillion infrastructure bill.

With that said—from infrastructure companies, to retail giants, to electric vehicles—here are some of the best stocks to get your hands on this week.

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Target (ticker: TGT) shares have skyrocketed nearly 50% already this year, in part thanks to its impressive earnings report last quarter. The company has profited from the pandemic, as it was able to stay open when most were forced to close. The company also cleverly adapted to include curbside pickup.

With analysts predicting a positive performance for its second-quarter earnings on Tuesday, with expected earnings per share at $3.51, compared with $3.38 from the same period a year ago, Target looks set for a bright future.


Multifaceted industrial product company Crane (ticker: CR) whose business spans everything from vending machine manufacturing, to payment technology, to aerospace equipment, is a great infrastructure buy following Congress’ recent decision to pass the $1 trillion infrastructure bill.

Further, the company exceeded expectations on its second-quarter earnings call, with earnings per share soaring 205%. Its revenue also impressively soared 24% to $796 compared to the same period the year prior.


While you might typically associate Ford (ticker: F) with your trusted pickup truck, the company is making headlines as it joins in the electric vehicle movement. The company announced in May this year that it was spending $30 billion on electric vehicles over the next few years and that it would be releasing 30 new EVs on the market by 2025.

The combination of the environmentally-friendly EV trend and Ford’s solid track record of trusted trucks makes the stock a no-brainer for investors right now.

Ping Identity

Identity verification company Ping Identity (ticker: PING) uses artificial intelligence to protect enterprises from security threats and its cloud-based technology has been disrupting the cybersecurity space by replacing on-premises security systems.

With the software-as-service company’s sales soaring 44% annually since 2020’s first quarter, and with more companies continuing to opt for cloud-based solutions, the company looks set for continuous growth.

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