A popular downtown Vancouver Starbucks is closing its doors this week

Oct 21 2019, 11:56 pm

It’s official. The Vancouver Starbucks that Ariana Grande made famous is closing.

Employees at the coffee chain’s 977 Mainland Street location confirmed to Daily Hive that its last day of operation would be Friday, October 25, when the shop will close at 5 pm.

Known for its location in Yaletown Park and its wide selection of tables, indoor and outdoor, this Starbucks’ spacious heated outdoor space was a popular place to sit down and soak up some sun during a meeting in the warmer months, or hang out with your dog.


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Starbucks currently operates another location at 1195 Mainland Street, just a few blocks away from the soon-to-be-closed coffee shop, so if you’re in need of your daily cup of Joe you can head there. 

Staff said they had not been told why the popular Yaletown outpost was closing, Daily Hive has reached out to Starbucks for the reason for shuttering, we’ll keep you posted.

This isn’t the first notable Canadian Starbucks location that’s called it quits lately, one of Calgary’s first-ever locations closed in October and Toronto saw the closure of Cabbagetown’s only Starbucks in April as well.

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