Here's the correct sound that led to a $60K Vancouver radio contest prize (AUDIO)

May 25 2023, 4:40 pm

After weeks and weeks and weeks of guesses of a mysterious sound, a winner has finally been crowned a significant prize in a historic Vancouver radio contest.

The ZFX contest on Z95.3 began on March 31 and every wrong guess added another $500 to the jackpot.

Ultimately, the grand prize amounted to a $59,500 award to Nicole from Aldergrove, who guessed the correct answer on May 23 and 11 am, “closing and latching a window.”

Before winning, Nicole told Z95.3 what she planned on doing with the money, saying she would put it towards continuing her education.

This is how it all went down:

Z95.3 called the winnings one of the largest cash prizes in Vancouver radio history.

Here are some other guesses Vancouver radio listeners had for the mysterious sound before Nicole beat them all to win the prize.


  • A stack of buckets falling over
  • Changing an ink cartridge
  • Opening and closing a Keurig machine
  • Pulling a suitcase on the stairs
  • A microwave opening
  • Pulling back on a pinball machine
  • A dog or cat door flap swinging
  • A delivery guy throwing boxes at the front door
  • Unlocking the car with a key fob
  • Going through a turnstile
  • Depositing a book in the slot at the library
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