Sell your Instagram posts as unique digital assets with cocoNFT

Nov 13 2021, 3:25 am

The world of NFTs might seem like a super exclusive club for people who are more invested in crypto and the tech world, but cocoNFT is making the concept a lot more approachable.

They’re letting you turn your prized Instagram posts into shoppable NFTs, which means that at a very basic level, you could potentially turn a picture of your puppy into a rare and exclusive piece of digital art.

cocoNFT is based in Vancouver, and they had the help of a pretty big celebrity to kick-off their service.

One of the main things to know before jumping into the NFT world is that in order to engage with NFTs, you need a crypto wallet. Thankfully cocoNFT assists users with this through the account creation process. It’s pretty straightforward after that.

You basically just select what post you want to turn into an NFT, give that post a name, set the value and off you go.  Daily Hive spoke with cocoNFT co-founder Reid Robinson, who grew up in Long Island New York, but found himself working in Vancouver’s tech world in 2014.

He spoke to some of the challenges with bringing people into this foreign, and sometimes intimidating world of crypto. “Crypto can be really weird. A lot of the language used in it is for people who already get it.”


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He also said that there’s only about 300,000 people actively engaging and interacting with NFTs, which means the potential for growth is immense.

“Crypto needs to become easier to use for NFTs to become as big as its potential.”

He also pointed out that digital artists, many of which who are struggling and are underpaid in today’s world, now have the ability to monetize their art through cocoNFT.


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Ease of use is one of the goals behind cocoNFT, and they’ve even suggested it’s the “easiest way to NFT.”

You’re probably wondering who that big celebrity is who collaborated with cocoNFT. It was none other than Susan Sarandon. The collaboration was also for a very good cause.

Another thing cocoNFT has going for it is the fact that there is no upfront cost.

The world record egg, which is behind the most liked Instagram post ever, is also on cocoNFT. You can buy their NFT for just over $24 million USD.

cocoNFT is another example of how Vancouver is quickly becoming a major global hub for all things crypto and NFT.

Check out cocoNFT on Instagram to see some of the NFTs currently listed.

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