A new Sasquatch museum is opening this summer near Vancouver

Apr 21 2023, 8:22 pm

This summer, if you’re taking a trip out to Harrison Hot Springs, you can’t miss this fun and quirky Sasquatch museum.

Tourism Harrison is rebuilding its hugely successful tourist attraction and the doors will open this July.

Of course, if you can’t wait until the summer to learn more about local Sasquatch legends and sightings, there is a temporary museum you can check out at the tourism office right now.

harrison sasquatch museum

The museum is filled with artifacts and dives into the history, science, mythology, folklore, and witness accounts of the Sasquatch.

According to Tourism Harrison, the new museum will “build on the artifacts and story around the Sasquatch” but will also include a major section on the story of the Sts’ailes “Sasq’ets,” which got translated into English as the “Sasquatch.”

There will also be a new major section on “the story of the Sts’ailes people and their ancestors who have lived in this area since time immemorial.”

The design for the new museum is meant to honour Harrison’s Indigenous and historical roots while creating a functional and accessible building for all.


The initial design for the new Visitor Centre.

The old Sasquatch Museum was in a 120 sq ft room, whereas the new space will feature 1,300 sq ft of space. Its wood timbre frame is a nod to the area’s logging history, and a large-scale image of Harrison Lake is meant to highlight the importance of the lake to the whole community.

Now, the new museum will build on its already extensive collection of Sasquatch artifacts on display but will lean more into local Indigenous history, too.

sasquatch museum

Profiles of the new museum

Harrison Hot Springs is just under a two-hour drive from Vancouver and if you find yourself there this summer, you simply must check out this museum. Do you believe?

Harrison Visitor Information Centre & Sasquatch Museum

Address: Temporary location at 102-160 Lillooet Avenue, Harrison Hot Springs
Phone number: 604-796-5581
Cost: Free!

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