Both John Horgan and Ryan Reynolds "loathe" Daylight Savings (VIDEO)

Mar 13 2022, 5:51 pm

Just add policy advisor to Ryan Reynolds’ resume at this point.

After the Canadian star voiced his anti-Daylight Savings Time sentiments in a tweet promoting his newest film The Adam Project, John Horgan chimed in with a “same” on social media.

On Saturday, March 12, BC’s Premier replied to one of Ryan Reynolds’ tweets.

Horgan reiterated that he too tires of the practice and explained why the move away from it hasn’t happened yet.

“I’m with you,” said Horgan. “Changing the clocks sucks.”

“We’ve always said it makes sense for BC to stay aligned with our southern neighbours in WA, OR and CA. Once they get congressional approval, we’ll end the time changes here in BC for good,” he said.


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Reynolds’ original tweet, where he says “I still loathe Daylight Savings”, is a video PSA about Daylight Savings Time, with his The Adam Project co-star Mark Ruffalo.

“I still think Daylight Savings is so stupid,” said Reynolds. “It’s idiotic,” said Mark Ruffalo.

Now that both John Horgan and Ryan Reynolds are in agreement that it blows, hopefully, we can combine their powers to convince states like California and Washington to wake up.

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