"Give your head a shake": Hulk Horgan tells off trucker convoys (VIDEO)

Mar 11 2022, 11:06 pm

BC Premier John Horgan has seemingly had it when it comes to hearing about trucker convoys that have run rampant across Canada in recent weeks.

Calling him “Hulk Horgan” might be more apt after the way he stared the camera down and spoke directly to those who participated in the convoys.

“Give your head a shake,” he said, as he reflected on the true loss of freedom some are dealing with in other parts of the world.

Horgan was speaking during a general media availability on Friday afternoon when he was asked about the convoys, as there is another one expected to arrive in Victoria on March 14.

The convoy has been named “Bear Hug 2.0” and is being organized by Canada Unity, an anti-mandate organization.

“I wish they’d take some time to watch television and see the evening news about the real tragedies and real disruptions in freedom that are going on in Europe right now.”

Horgan suggested that the people taking part in convoys have “nothing better to do with their time than to drive around in circles honking their horns.”

“Goodness me, get a hobby,” he said.

The premier’s media availability came on the heels of some major news from BC health officials, the lifting of mask mandates. BC will also be lifting its proof of vaccination requirement on April 8.

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