Ryan Reynolds films his first colonoscopy after losing a bet

Sep 14 2022, 9:26 pm

Vancouver-born actor Ryan Reynolds has released a video of his first colonoscopy after he lost a bet.

The video is totally PG, and it’s an effort with the Colorectal Cancer Alliance to encourage others to get the screening procedure done.

“We turned 45 this year, and part of being this age is getting a colonoscopy. It’s a simple step that could literally save your life,” Reynolds says in the video. “That’s enough for me to let you in on a camera being shoved up my [expletive].”

He’s shown walking into NYU Langone Health in New York, speaking with doctor and CBS correspondent Dr. Jonathan LaPook, and being wheeled into the room where the procedure is done.

LaPook revealed he found a polyp inside Reynolds’ colon, and cut it off during the procedure.

“We’re interrupting… a process that could have developed into cancer,” LaPook says.Ā  “Nobody would know that they had this, but he reached the age of screening… and there you go. This saves lives, pure and simple.”

Reynolds even got in a couple of jokes during the video and one throw to his alcohol company, Aviation Gin.


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