Ridiculous rentals: $895 per month "and your bed is in the living room" (PHOTOS)

Jan 16 2023, 7:32 pm

Calling all Vancouver renters, your new bed awaits inside your new bedroom, which is actually just the living room of a downtown apartment building.

For $895 per month, you get access to a one-bedroom apartment. However, you don’t get the privacy of an actual bedroom.

The apartment is located near English Bay and features new furniture, a shared bathroom, and a kitchen. The Facebook Marketplace listing suggests that applicants must be female, and the applicant would be sharing the unit with another female.

Some pluses include a month-to-month contract, a big balcony, a swimming pool, and two big closets “only for you.”

Some drawbacks include no pets, no smoking, and the fact that you’re paying $895 for a cot in the living room without any privacy. You also need to pay $450 for a damage deposit, but utilities are included in the rental cost of $895 per month.

Facebook Marketplace

There isn’t even a divider to separate the room from the unit’s common areas.

bed living room

Facebook Marketplace

For someone facing a dire financial situation, a rental like this might offer temporary relief. But let’s look at other listings to see how $895 per month compares to what’s out there.

Another listing on Facebook Marketplace is for a shared unit for $750 a month. This space would offer the renter the privacy of their own bedroom.

On Craigslist, a listing in New West offers similar for slightly less. However, this listing gives the renter the privacy of their own bedroom. The drawback is you don’t get to live near English Bay.

In Surrey, you can get a one-bedroom basement for $800 without sharing the space.

There are other options in that price range, but all the listings would have the renter share with at least one other person.

If you were struggling to pay the bills, could you live in this downtown apartment and sleep on a cot in the living room?

Facebook Marketplace

At least you’re allowed to cook.

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