"Welcome to Richmond": Geese wreak havoc on residential street (VIDEO)

Apr 7 2023, 9:11 pm

Drivers in a residential area of Richmond had trouble getting out of the neighbourhood thanks to a massive gaggle of geese.

Lester Soo posted the video to a Facebook group chronicling peculiar driving incidents and said the geese were blocking Cornwall Drive at River Road on Monday at around 7:08 pm.

Some of the Facebook reactions to the video have been comical.

The video has received over 100 comments and hundreds of reactions. At one point in the video, an “N” driver behind the wheel of a Tesla revs up his engine to get some geese to move. They eventually do, but they take their sweet time. The driver also pauses to capture some footage of the birds.

One Facebook user wrote, “Thought this was Harry Potter for a sec,” in response.

One response involved someone posting an image of the sidewalk after most of the geese seemed to have left the scene, and it wasn’t the prettiest picture, thanks to what the geese left behind; goose poop.

Another user said, “That’s a lot of sh*t. Must be like a mine field out there.”

One person suggested that the geese must learn to respect the law, saying, “These people need to stop jaywalking!”

Someone else pointed out that nearly all the cars in the video are white.

“Why are all the expensive cars in Richmond white? It’s something I noticed after moving here last year. I’m used to seeing black and silvery luxury cars in Vancouver and the North Shore.”

The timing of the video is interesting, as it comes just over a month after we reported a story of many wild geese being killed because they had been hit by cars in a different area of Richmond.

The City of Vancouver is dealing with its own bird problem and has been trying to control the Canadian geese population in the region.


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