Crows savagely snatch a pair of goslings away from their family (VIDEO)

May 24 2022, 6:27 pm

Users on TikTok are sharing their divided opinions in response to a video involving crows and goslings in Vancouver.

The video shows what looks to be a family of Canadian geese taking a stroll down a Vancouver street with some crows nearby watching closely.

There are three goslings on the road with the two adult geese on the sidewalk. As the goslings attempt to hop onto the sidewalk, a crow hops into view of the camera and quickly and savagely snatches the baby goose away from its family.

TikTok user @eekk901 shared the video.

After temporarily dropping the gosling from its beak, the crow rushes away from the scene while being chased by one of the adult geese. You can hear the person behind the camera react in shock as it happens.

It doesn’t end there.

While the first baby-snatching crow is being chased, another crow swoops in to snatch another one of the goslings, leaving the mom and dad goose with just one baby left.

@eekk901 Poor baby goose 🥺#babygoose #mothergoose ♬ original sound – E K

Comments on the TikTok video are divided. Some users say that the person behind the camera should’ve done something to protect the innocent goslings from the crows. Others have chimed in, saying it’s just nature running its course.

“I’m surprised the mom and dad goose didn’t attack the crows, they attack humans for just walking close but not crows in a situation like this,” said one user.

“Crows are too smart for them,” said another.

The Vancouver Park Board has been looking to keep the Canada goose population in check, but maybe they need to consider hiring crows for the job.

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