"Nooooooooo!!!!" The new Playland coaster is forcing the closure of two beloved rides (PHOTOS/VIDEO)

Jan 19 2023, 10:39 pm

The Pacific National Exhibition (PNE) has announced that the construction of its brand-new launch coaster for Playland is on track, but sadly, the space it’s occupying means the amusement park is announcing the closure of two well-known rides.

Both the Drop Zone and the Revelation are going the way of the dinosaur, soon to be extinct.

PNE shared that the new coaster, which is on track to open in 2024, would be taking over the space the Drop Zone and Revelation currently occupy.

This follows similar news from PNE last year when the attraction announced two rides were being forced into retirement, the Music Express and the Crazy Beach Party.

In an Instagram post, Playland suggested that the new coaster will be Canada’s “fastest launch coaster.”

“Crews are now preparing the future site,” according to Playland. The new coaster marks the start of the redevelopment of Playland’s existing footprintĀ and the major northward expansion into the parking lot at the northeast corner of Hastings Park.

PNE also previously removed its Corkscrew roller coaster in 2019 in preparation for the redevelopment and northward expansion. The new launch coaster will largely be built on Corkscrew’s former footprint.

pne playland launch roller coaster

Artistic rendering of the new launch roller coater at Playland. (PNE)

pne playland launch roller coaster

Artistic rendering of the new launch roller coater at Playland. (PNE)


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In response to the news, people had lots to say on social media.

“Getting rid of more rides to make room for one new one that’ll never actually be in operation lmao,” responded one person.

Others have commented that the Revelation was their favourite ride.

Another said, “That was like the best reason to go to your parks.”

“That’s so bunk, why get rid of 2 amazing rides for a ride that won’t even be open, might as well keep playland closed.”

Others commented on how many rides the park has gotten rid of over the last year.

“You guys have removed 4 iconic rides in total recently,” said one person, adding that instead of expanding, the reverse is happening.

On Facebook, someone commented, “Nooooooooo!!!! I am so excited about this new coaster but I didnā€™t realize it meant sacrificing Revelation.”

Are you sad to see the Revelation and the Drop Zone go? Let us know in the comments.

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