The pettiness is real: Folks hilariously respond to bad parking in Metro Vancouver

May 14 2023, 9:56 pm

Drivers in Metro Vancouver have just about had it with horrendous parking jobs. So some are taking it into their own hands to teach these drivers a lesson in some of the pettiest ways possible.

In Richmond, at the McArthurGlen Designer Outlet parking lot, Ernest Kwan snapped a photo after a driver seemingly was in too much of a hurry to fully pull into a stall.

Courtesy Ernest Kwan

Courtesy Ernest Kwan

But the humorously lousy parking job was even funnier when Kwan noticed a note left on the vehicle window, which read, “You parked like an idiot for the following reason(s).”

However, whoever left the note did so without checking off a box which would explain to the driver how they “parked like an idiot.”

In their defence, it was probably not even necessary to explain.

Courtesy Ernest Kwan

While Kwan only spotted a petty incident, a Metro Vancouver resident Ry Jay shared a photo online of just how petty he’s gotten.

Jay shared the photo on the Richmond Learns to Park and Drive Facebook page too, after he spotted a vehicle taking up a little more than one spot.

So Jay admitted he “parked purposely beside the black jeep, within my parking spot.”

Jay left very little room on the driver’s side of the vehicle to open their door so the driver probably had to devise a creative solution to get back into their jeep.

Courtesy Ry Jay

An anonymous Facebook user also shared a video of their petty behaviour after a driver parked in a handicap stall they needed.

“These jerks only learn a lesson if inconvenienced,” they said.

In the video, a white vehicle can be seen parked behind a black vehicle to block it from backing out.

Richmond Learns to Park and Drive/Facebook

“Guy appeared clueless and ‘didn’t think it was a big deal,'” the post reads. “Agreed no big deal he had to sit in his car waiting an extra 45 minutes either.”

Do you think these reactions are reasonable? Tell us in the comments below.

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