Driver finds a nice illegal parking spot in the shade in Richmond (PHOTOS)

Aug 9 2022, 6:51 pm

A driver in Richmond found a nice parking spot in the shade right underneath the Canada Line.

While it’s understandable to want to find a shady spot in the blaring summer heat, it might be best to do it legally.

It’s unclear what constituted this parking job, and many have been sharing their thoughts about it online. Some are even wondering if there might have been a Scotiabank ATM nearby.

Spoiler alert: There was not.

Two pictures of the humorous (or anger-inducing) incident were originally posted to a Facebook group that focuses on bad drivers and bad parking jobs.

richmond parking


The pictures from the Facebook post were also shared on Twitter.

richmond parking


People have been weighing in with their thoughts.

One person remarked, “Wow!”

Another person suggested that there isn’t a no parking sign visible in the area in the pictures.

Upon further review using Google Street View, there are indeed no parking signs lining this section of Number 3 Road. There also seems to be a lot of free legal parking available in the area.

A Facebook user said, “Pretty soon they will drive up the stairs to the SkyTrain and park on the tracks.”

Let’s hope not.

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