Parking fails driving people mad in Metro Vancouver (PHOTOS)

Apr 14 2023, 1:36 am

Locals that have just about had it with humorously bad drivers are poking some fun at folks’ dreadful parking jobs.

We are barely halfway through the month but there is no shortage of questionable parking decisions drivers in Metro Vancouver have made this month alone.

Some people that have trouble parking within the lines have been captured on camera and shared online.

Kuok Chi Hou snapped one photo just this Monday when in Richmond.

The car was found parked on the passenger sidewalk with plenty of room left in the actual parking spot.

The photo was taken in the afternoon outside a Chinese restaurant near Garden City Road and Alderbridge Way.

Kuok Chi Hou/Facebook

On Sunday, Mike Cui snapped a photo of a red Corvette that he jokes maybe was made “too long for one stall.”

He snapped the photo near Brown and Brownell roads when he was pulling into a parking lot in the area.

Mike Cui/Facebook

Another Facebook user, Pan Jian, shared a photo they snapped in Richmond Centre parking lot of a Range Rover parked in a right turn lane.

One user jokingly commented, “No sign restricting it. Fair game!”

Facebook screenshot

You would think there would be no reason to park horribly when a parking lot has tons of room. However, one driver seems to have still found a way.

Greg Link shared a photo of a truck parked seemingly parked “Smack in the middle of the driveway.”

Facebook screenshot

One Facebook user shared a photo anonymously of a driver, with an N sign on their car, parking in the driveway.

“This moron just decided to park in the driveway blocking traffic when there are so many spots just 5 step[s] away!” the Facebook user wrote.

Facebook screenshot

If you’re a driver making questionable parking decisions, be warned that people might take a photo and poke some fun at you online.

Have you seen any terrible parking jobs around the region? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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